Attack! War & Conquest Competition

Warfare in the 17th Century

Competition guidelines  

Entry:  Entries are only accepted online through Eventbrite. The cost is £20.00 for two days

Rules:  Renatio et Glorium - if you are not a member of the Renatio et Glorium Forum, please email competition organser Alasdair Harley  who will be pleased to send you the latest draft version.

Scale: 15mm - Armies should be painted to a reasonable standard

Armies: To be confirmed

Army Lists: Eligible armies are to be found here The full lists can be found on the Renatio et Glorium Forum

Entries will close Friday 28 June.

Please note that the Devizes School site has been designated a no smoking area.

Limited to 12 entries

Starts 9.30 am each day

Competition organiser Alasdair Harley.

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