Attack! L'Arte de la Guerre Competition

L'Arte de la Guerre

Wars of Republican Roman 275 BC - 105BC

Competition guidelines  

Entry: Entries are only accepted online through Eventbrite. The cost is £20.00 for two days of competition.

Limited to 24 entries

Rules:  L'Arte de la Guerre  - 6x4 tables.

Scale: 25mm - Armies should be painted to a reasonable standard

Armies: 200 points

Army Lists: Wars of Republican Roman 275 BC - 105BC. Army lists to be supplied to the competition umpire Colin Cavenagh  by 28 June. Contact details supplied on booking.  

Cost:   £20.00

Start times

Starts 9.30 am each day.  2 games lasting approximately 2 1/2 hours each day