Attack! Bolt Action Competition

Open Competition

- 28mm 1250 points -

This is the third Bolt Action competition to be held at Attack!.  The 2nd Edition rule book will be used throughout the weekend.

1250-point army.  This is a friendly competition so to prevent min/max lists no mixed platoons and only selectors from the army books (i.e. not Theatre or Campaign book lists).  The organisers will review each list and may ask for any over-powered lists to be tuned down.

Figures must be painted with at least three colours on every model.

This will be an escalating conflict to make things a bit different.  You will need to provide a list for each points level and each list can only be drawn from units in the 1250 list.

5 points for a win

3 points for a draw

1 point for a loss

1 point for a secondary objective


Registration            9.00 – 9.30

Game 1     - 500 points       9.45 – 11.30

Game 2 – 1000 points     12.15 – 14.45

Game 3 – 1250 points     15.00 – 17.30


Game 4 – 1250 points       9.00 – 11.30

Game 5 – 1250 points     12.30 – 15.00

Results               15.15

Further information:

Entry: Entries are only available by booking online at Eventbrite.

Army lists need to be submitted by 28 June 2019 for checking to:

Please note the whole of the Devizes School site is designated as a no smoking area.

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