Attack! 2014 Traders

The Traders

These are the magnificent traders who have booked to attend Attack! 2014.

Don't forget to pre-order from them for collection at Attack!

     Agema Miniatures

    Ancients and Modern

    Angel Barracks

   Anita's Books - Military

    Chris Slade Military Books

    Cleeve Prints

    Colonel Bill

    Dave Thomas (Perry & North Star)

    East Street Games  - Saturday only

    EM4 Miniatures

   Forlorn Hope Games

    Glenbrook Games & Painting Service

   Great Escape Games

    Grubby Tanks/ Britannia Miniatures

    Heroes of the Dark Age/Baker Company

    Ironclad Miniatures

    Instant Armies

    Lesley's Bits Box

    Magister Militum

    Miniature Men & Components

    MJ Figures

    Mongoose Publishing

    Newline Designs

   PE2 Collectables

    Peter Barnes Books

    Prodos Games - apologise that they will not be attending due to 'double-booking'

    Products for Wargamers

    Purbrook Models

    QRF & TSS

    Sergeant's Mess

    Scarab Miniatures    

    Stafford Games

    The Dice Bag Lady

    The Scene

    The Square

    Tumbling Dice

    Warlord Games