Attack! 2014 Participation Games

Games to play

There always some fantastic games to play at Attack! DDWG is most appreciative of the work, by other clubs and individuals, that goes into putting on such wonderful displays.

Here are the games so far:


VCBW demo/participation                 Very Civil British War - Nick Parsons          Saturday Only

A Space Vixen participation                 STaB                                        Saturday Only

15mm Sci fi participation game          Taylors Crew Bath                              Sunday Only

Viking Skirmishes                                   Skirmish Wargames                                           Both Days

All Quiet on the Martian Front

(2nd Martian Invasion: USA 1910)     Plymouth Association of Wargamers               Both Days

Saturday - SYW Demo                       Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society      Both Days

Sunday – Napoleonic Demo     

Bullets and Brains – Zombie Appocalypse      East Street Games                           Both days

Sedgemoor 1685: Last Battle on English Soil      Alan Hayden                                   Both Days

WWI Aerial participation     Wings of Glory Aerodrome          

28mm ACW (Saturday): “Wildfire in the Wilderness 1864” Newbury & Reading Wargames Society

WWII Bolt Action (Sunday)     

WWII Early Pacific land warfare     The Old and Bold                                                  Both Days

Bushido participation & demo          Sam Rudland                                                       Saturday only

Back of Beyond 28mm                    Torquay Wargamers                                                 Both Days

42mm Roman 'Winter in Germania'      DDWG                                                         Both Days

Participation Warzone Resurrection     Prodos Games                                             Both Days

War & Conquest  28mm Ancients          Scarab Miniatures/War and Conquest             Both Days

28mm ECW "skirmish"                         Pike & Shot Society                                     Both Days

Schweinfurt Raid                                   Staines Wargames